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Current Bushfire Incidents

The Current Bushfire Incident map now has GPS location enabled. At this time it will only centre the map to your location, we are currently working on a feature for the map to zoom into your location also. View the RSS Text feed of the current bushfire incidents across Queensland.​

Emergency Warning Emergency Warning: You are in danger and need to take immediate action recommended by the fire service. Notification Information: A fire or other emergency has started in the area however it has not reached the level required for an official warning.
Watch and Act Watch and Act: There is a heightened level of threat, you need to be aware of your situation and take action to be prepared and protect yourself and your family.​​ 
Advice Advice: A fire or other emergency has started in the area however there is no immediate threat. ​​ 
GOING: Firefighting resources are deployed.
CONTAINED: No additional firefighting resources are currently required at the incident.
PATROLLED: Fire is at a stage where firefighting resources are only required for patrol purposes to ensure the fire is safe.

This information is extracted from the Queensland Emergency Services Computer Aided Dispatch (ESCAD) database. It is not 'real time' information, but is provided as a general indication of current activity. Incident information is updated every 5 minutes. The symbols represent the general area of the fire, not its current location or spread.

Although every care is taken to ensure that all information on this web site is accurate and up to date, QFES cannot accept any responsibility for mistakes or omissions.

During outages of the QFES Bushfire Incident Website, members of the public should refer to their ABC Local Radio station for bushfire information and updates.