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Membership and Application Process


​Joining a rural fire brigade


To become a member of a rural fire brigade you need to be at least 16 years of age.  Members aged between 16 and 18 years of age are considered Registered Juniors and require their parents’ permission to join.

Contacting the brigade

Criminal History Checks and Blue Card Application Requirements

  1. All potential recruits over the age of 18 must undertake a Criminal History Check and hold a Blue Card prior to being accepted as a volunteer (excluding those joining a Primary Producer Brigade).  A Criminal History Check and applications for a Blue Card are undertaken by the Rural Fire Service as part of the membership application process. Registered Juniors must complete a Criminal History Check and submit a Blue Card Application upon turning 18 years old.
  2. When you approach the brigade to discuss joining, they will provide you with the Volunteer Application Pack, which includes the consent to a Criminal History Check, and relevant forms relating to your Blue Card Application. You will need to complete these forms, have the authorised officer of the brigade sign the Brigade Endorsement on your application form and have a Queensland Fire and Emergency Services representative (volunteer or staff) sign the Organisation Declaration on your Blue Card Application form and forward them to your local Area Office. If you already hold a Blue Card for other employment or volunteering purposes, you will be required to link your existing Blue Card to Queensland Fire and Emergency Services.
  3. Your application and accompanying forms will be processed once received by the Rural Fire Service State Office. Please allow 8-12 weeks for your application to be finalised.
  4. You will receive a letter once your application is finalised. It is important to note, you cannot commence participating with the brigade until you receive your letter with your volunteer ID number and an ID card.

Having a criminal history does not automatically exclude you from joining a brigade.  Consideration will be given to the offence and the circumstances surrounding it prior to a final decision being made.


  • The Brigade will vote on your application at the time of initial interest.​

Volunteering Expression of Interest Form​

Volunteering Application Form​

New Zealand Police Criminal History Check Form

Blue Card Application or Renewal Form

Blue Card Exemption Form

To become a volunteer, you must read and agree to: