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Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) rewards and acknowledges the efforts of the individuals who volunteer their time and skills to help protect Queensland communities. A wide range of awards are available to Rural Fire Service (RFS) volunteers to recognise their contribution to both the community, QFES and RFS. As an RFS volunteer you become eligible for Australian Honours, Achievement Awards, QFES Honours, various Certificates and Royal Humane Society of Australasia awards. Please find below information regarding the awards available to our volunteers:

Australian Honours
  • Bravery Awards 
    • Cross of Valour- awarded only for acts of most conspicuous courage in circumstances of extreme peril.
    • Star of Courage – awarded only for an act of conspicuous courage in circumstances of great peril.
    • Bravery Medal – awarded only for acts of bravery in hazardous circumstances.
    • Commendation for Brave Conduct – awarded for other acts of bravery, which are considered worthy of recognition.
    • Group Bravery Citation – awarded for a collective act of bravery by a group of people in extraordinary circumstances that is considered worthy of recognition.
  • Order of Australia - recognition for outstanding achievement and service.
  • Australian Fire Service Medal – awarded for distinguished service by a member of an Australian Fire Service.
  • National Medal​ – recognition for long and diligent  service in organisations that protect life and property at some risk to their members.

Achievement Awards

  • Australia Day Achievement Award – awarded to those who promote a sense of national pride and a commitment to the country and its future.
  • Minister’s Awards for Excellence – awarded to recognise outstanding achievement of teams, work units and volunteer groups with QFES.
  • QFES Honours and Awards
  • Naming of New Appliances – Distinguished service by members of QFES may be recognised by having new fire appliances named after them.​


  • Certificate of Commendation – recognition of specific meritorious or outstanding actions in relation to fire service duties or exemplary performance in a specific difficult or long term project or task.
  • Certificate of Appreciation – recognition of assistance provided to fire service duties or exemplary performance in a specific project or task.

Royal Humane Society of Australasia Awards

  • Recognition to acts of bravery by bestowing awards of those who risk their own lives in saving or attempting to save the lives of others; and
  • To assist by a relief fund award recipients who are disadvantaged or physically handicapped by their gallant actions.