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Fire Bans and Restrictions


​​​​​​​​​​​​​Fire Bans

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In Queensland, the use of fire can be restricted by imposing either a Local Fire Ban or a State of Fire Emergency.  When it is predicted conditions and weather forecasts indicate that fires may be difficult to control and pose a danger to communities, the Commissioner of Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) or their delegate has the authority under the provisions of the Fire and Emergency Services Act 1990 to impose a local fire ban.

When fire weather conditions become extremely dangerous, The Commissioner, QFES, with the approval of the Minister, can declare a State of Fire Emergency.

Local Fire Bans are normally imposed over an entire local government area and prohibit the lighting of all or certain types of fires, depending on the severity of the emergency. (Gas and electric barbecues may be used).

When fire bans are in place either as a local Fire Ban or during a State of Fire Emergency:
  • ​The lighting of fires in the declared fire ban areas are prohibited subject to any special conditions or exemptions
  • All open fires are prohibited
  • All Permits to Light Fire issued in the designated area are cancelled.
​Fire bans are advertised widely and remain in force until cancelled.  Information can also be obtained at any time by phoning free call 1800 020 440.

Fireworks during Fire Bans - Notice to all Fireworks Contractors and Operators

For further information during the time of a local Fire Ban, please contact the Chief Fire Warden for your area. Chief Fire Wardens can be contacted on the following numbers:
​​​BARCALDINE AREA​(07) 4651 1190
​BUNDABERG AREA​(07) 4153 3244​
​BURNETT AREA​(07) 4162 3163
​CAIRNS AREA​(07) 4232 5468
​CALOUNDRA AREA​(07) 5420 7517
CHARTERS TOWERS AREA​​(07) 4761 5130
​DARLING DOWNS AREA​(07) 4698 5720
​EMERALD AREA​(07) 4983 7580
​GLADSTONE AREA​(07) 4899 2200
​INNISFAIL AREA​(07) 4061 0650
​MACKAY AREA​(07) 4965 6641
​MARYBOROUGH AREA​(07) 4190 4839
​ROCKHAMPTON AREA​​(07) 4938 4736
​ROMA AREA​(07) 4622 2074
​TOWNSVILLE AREA​(07) 4796 9082
​WEST MORETON (IPSWICH) AREA​​(07) 3294 4944​