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Campfire Safety


​5 Campfire Rules

  1. Positioning - Campfires should be positioned in cleared areas, where there are no overhanging branches, minimal grass and scrub. Ensure the campfire is a safe distance from tents, and that any other camping equipment is stored well away from it - especially flammable items such as gas cylinders and fuel cans.
  2. Building - Where possible use a fireplace such as a barbeque pit or build a fire pit and surround it with large rocks. When selecting rocks, be aware that heated river or creek stones may shatter if cooled quickly. Ensure the fire stays a controllable size.
  3. Starting - Start your campfire using appropriate ignition source and firelighter, paper and small kindling. Never use any kind of flammable liquids (such as petrol) on a fire to get it started.
  4. Extinguishing - Put your campfire out with water when you have finished with it. Use the water from your washing up to put your campfire out.
  5. Monitoring - Never leave unattended. Any campfire left unattended for any period of time, particularly overnight, should be extinguished by using a bucket of water.
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