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The Queensland Government is now in caretaker mode until after the state election. Minimal updates will be made to this site until after the election results are declared.

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Select your Local Government area below to see if there is a current fire ban or restriction, incident or to locate your Neighbourhood Safer Places.



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Feeds, also known as “RSS feeds”, “XML feeds” or “news feeds”, can help you to keep up-to-date with information from the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services websites. Feeds can be viewed using some browsers or by using a feed reader (also known as feed aggregator) software.

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(The Fire Incident feed is a text based version of the Current Bushfire Map)
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Important Information

Use of NBN during emergency events

Did you know you can book an information session from a Volunteer Community Educator?

Do you kn​ow if there is a Neighbourhood Safer Place near you? Find out more.​

​​​Throwing lit cigarette butts from vehicles is dangerous. Cigarettes can start bush and grass fires, and place lives at risk. It's also bad for the environment. 
There are heavy penalties for people caught throwing lit cigarette butts from vehicles, especially during the times of increased fire danger. You can do your bit by reporting them. Find out how here.





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