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Bushfire Resilient Communities


The Bushfire resilient communities (BRC) technical document, supports the State Planning Policy July 2017 (SPP) and associated State Planning Policy state interest guidance material –Natural hazards, risk and resilience – Bushfire (SPP guidance).

The SPP outlines the state interests in land use planning and development that underpin the delivery of local and regional plans and development. These state interests include natural hazards, including bushfire, and risk and resilience measures.

The SPP guidance assists:

  • local governments when making or amending local planning instruments

  • assessment managers and practitioners when applying the SPP assessment benchmarks to development applications(only where the state interests have not been integrated in local planning instruments and only when applicable).

Further SPP guidance can be found;

The BRC provides technical guidance and the policy positions of Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) to state agencies, local governments, and practitioners engaged in land use planning for bushfire hazard and development activities that may be affected by bushfire hazard.

This includes:

  • making or amending state and local government planning instruments such as planning schemes or regional plans

  • designating land for community infrastructure

  • making or assessing development applications. 

The BRC is comprised of background on the BPA mapping methodology and bushfire attributes; the process to review the BPA mapping on the SPP Interactive Mapping System; processes for undertaking a Bushfire Hazard and Vegetation Hazard Class assessments; the process for calculating Asset Protection Zones (APZ); preparing Bushfire, Vegetation and Landscape Management Plans and other information that may inform development conditions.  The BRC also has guidance on the recommended expertise required by practitioners.

The Bushfire Resilient Communities document and SPP Bushfire APZ Width Calculator can be accessed at the following links:

The BRC is maintained by the Sustainable Development Unit within QFES who can be contacted via