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Operation Cool Burn

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​Operation Cool Burn​

Operation Cool Burn is a key period when Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) has a particular focus on bushfire mitigation. Most years, this period starts at the beginning of April and is normally scheduled to finish at the end of July however can be extended if necessary, for example if there is widespread unseasonal rainfall which impacts on planned burning.

During Operation Cool Burn QFES supports its land management agency partners such as the Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing, the Department of Natural Resources and Mines, HQ Plantations (Queensland’s largest plantation forest company) and local government councils as well as landholders across the State to prepare for the coming bushfire season. There is also growing focus on community education to encourage everyone to be well prepared. 

The overall clear priority for Cool Burn is the protection of Queensland’s communities from the impacts of bushfires. Area Fire Management Groups have met across the state to develop priorities for mitigation activities in their areas based on a combination of state-wide data and reports and local knowledge. 

The types of bushfire mitigation activities include hazard reduction burning to reduce fuel loads, improvement of strategic fire breaks by landowners and targeted community education to inform residents in the highest priority areas of actions they can take to better prepare for bushfires.

Whilst Operation Cool Burn provides a useful focus for bushfire preparation, preparations can also be undertaken at other times. ​To better prepare for bushfires it is recommended that people prepare a Bushfire Survival Plan and take the simple actions listed elsewhere on this website.​