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South Burnett Regional Council


​​​​​​​Fire Bans

​A local fire ban is in place from 0001 Tuesday 20 August 2019 to 2359 Friday 30 August 2019 for the local government areas of South Burnett and North Burnett.

All Permits to Light Fire previously issued in the local fire ban areas are hereby cancelled. For details of exemptions please view the attached declaration.
Fire Bans: There IS a Fire Ban for this Shire
Start Date: 20/08/2019 12:00 AM
End Date: 31/08/2019 12:00 AM
Attachment: Declaration of Fire Ban

Fire Restrictions

Please review your local council website for any policies or local restrictions.  For any additional information please contact your local Fire Warden or Rural Fire Service Area Office.

Neighbourhood Safer Places


To date, there have been no identified NSPs within this Shire Council area, as further assessments are being conducted and/or sufficient open spaces already exist.

NSP's are assessed using strict guidelines and calculations therefore not every community will have a suitable location. Regularly monitor this website for updates as new NSP locations will continually be identified.

If you live in a bushfire prone area that does not have a designated NSP location remember this must be considered when preparing your "Bushfire Survival Plan". Preparing your property to increase its resilience to the impact of bushfire and "Leaving Early" will always be the safest option. PREPARE.ACT.SURVIVE.


The South Burnett Regional Council area is covered by the Rural Fire Service Burnett Area Office.
101 Youngman Street
KINGAROY Qld  4610
07 ​4172 8700

Please Note: The 'Last updated' date below is only in relation to contacts and general content on this page. Fire Bans, Fire Restrictions and Neighbourhood Safer Places are updated regularly using different technology which will not affect the 'Last updated' date below. If you would like to be notified as soon as updates are made, head to the home page and use the RSS feeds.